Community Gardens Dedicates Crop Tunnel to Pat Trimble

Pat passed away in April of this year. On June 27, 2020 the SVDP Community Gardens dedicated a crop tunnel to Pat and placed a statue in the tunnel in her honor. Pat co-founded the Gardens at the Hollidaysburg Veterans Home with Tom Ford, Blair County Penn State Co-op Extension Director. The Gardens at the Veterans Home operated for 32 years until the Home needed the ground for and expansion project.

St. Bernadine’s Monastery in Hollidaysburg offered ground for a new garden and, in 2008; the St. Bernadine’s Monastery Gardens was founded under the direction of Pat and Tom. She wrote many grants that made it possible to purchase the first high tunnel, a tractor and equipment, and all the tools for the Monastery Garden.

See July 2020 newsletter for article on Pat Trimble.

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