Community Gardens

The community garden is located at St. Bernardine's Monastery

793 Monastery Rd, Hollidaysburg, PA

This project offers quality land for green produce production; seeks to donate produce to persons in need; offers presentations on the environment and sustainability; and develops and cultivates a spirituality inclusive of nature, through teamwork and social events.

Three purposes of the SVDP/Monastery Community Gardens:

Provide locally grown produce in service to the larger community.

Cultivate community, grounded in a spirit of hospitality that welcomes God’s presence in all persons and in the events of sowing, reaping, sharing, and learning.

Cultivate environmental awareness, reverence, respect, and gentleness toward creation and all creatures.

Believe in our mission but don't have the time? Donate!

We accept money, garden supplies, old newspapers, straw, garden tools, gas credit card, a lawn tractor, fire wood, etc.

Contact Dotty Caminiti: email

Please consider being a volunteer at the gardens.