St. Vincent de Paul

St. Louise de Marillac

Bl. Rosalie Rendu

Bl. Frederic Ozanam

St. Vincent de Paul originally joined the priesthood not to help others, but rather to further his own financial security and personal success. It was only after witnessing the poverty of the peasants in a small village of Picardy, France, that he became genuinely moved by the struggles of the poor and became passionately committed to serving them.

It is not where or how you begin, but only that you do begin to answer Jesus’ call to serve our brothers and sisters in need.

(Taken from SVDP Pittsburgh Winter Newsletter)

To be sure, in our daily lives there will be times when we fall short of the gospel and we feel that we are only weeds that should be burned. But the paschal mystery reminds us that dying always leads to rising, and invites us to look beyond the immediate moment, see the possibilities for repentance in our lives, trust in God's mercy, and be open to God's loving kindness. The weeds will grow. But God is patient, knowing our love and good deeds, He will mercifully gather us into his kingdom.

Our Essential Elements

  • Holiness of Life
  • Friendship
  • Service to the Poor

Our Core Values

  • Holiness of Life
  • Service to the Poor
  • Humility
  • Simplicity
  • Charity and Justice
  • Friendship